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The Chico Economic Snapshot™ is designed to be a one-page "overview" of our local economy, telling us where the economy has been quarter to quarter and year to year since our base year of 2007. The Index is based on 5 main components, all of which are seasonally adjusted and equally weighted. Each of these components has their own report developed, which can be accessed by clicking on each of the logos below.

Make sure to click on the Chico Business Confidence Survey™ link to see where the economy is going next, based on input from local business leaders. It is a multiple choice survey letting us know how local business leaders feel about the prospects of their own companies along with local, state, and national economies over the next 12 months. All responses are aggregated and a score between 0 and 100 is computed. A score over 50 indicates an overall optimism about the local economy.

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Economic Snapshot Q3 2017

Tile Sales Tax .2% increase Tile Building 19.4% decrease Tile Housing 2.5% increase Tile TOT 3.7% increase Tile Employment .6% increase
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