Frequently Asked Questions - Visa® Debit Card


Visa® Debit Card

How do I report a lost or stolen debit card?

Please call 1-800-472-3272 to report your card as lost or stolen.

How do I dispute a debit card transaction?

Call us immediately at 894-1000 to dispute a debit card transaction.

How does Golden Valley Bank react to compromise notifications?

Golden Valley Bank takes every compromise seriously. We prefer to notify customers by phone when possible, but in some cases, we will notify you by mail if your card information has been potentially compromised. Golden Valley Bank evaluates the need to reissue new debit cards to affected customers. In certain circumstances, Golden Valley Bank will issue you a new debit card. In those cases, a block date for your compromised card will be included in the letter.

How do you know that my card was affected?

We receive notice of potentially compromised cards from Visa®. Visa® learns of the compromise through various sources including merchants, processors and even law enforcement.

How do I replace a damaged debit card?

If your debit card is not functioning properly or is damaged, you may order a replacement card by calling us at 894-1000. You will receive a new card with a new expiration date within 7-10 business days. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) you are currently using will work with your new card.

Can I use my debit card overseas?

Yes, please contact us at 894-1000 prior to travel to make arrangements.

What is a chip card?

It's a debit card that has a chip on the front as well as the traditional magnetic stripe on the back. The chip provides added security when used at a chip-enabled terminal or ATM and greater global acceptance. Many countries worldwide have adopted chip technology, and it will become the standard for card payments in the U.S. If a merchant or ATM has not yet adopted chip technology, your transaction will be processed using the magnetic stripe as it is today.

My debit card is going to expire soon. Do I need to do anything?

You should receive your new debit card in the mail about one week before your current card expires. Your current card is good through the last day of the expiration month that appears on the front of your card.

If you do not receive your new card within one week of the expiration of your current card, or if your card has already expired, please call us at 894-1000.

How do I get a new debit card PIN or change my existing PIN?

Please call 1-800-567-3451.


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