Business Debit Cards

Golden Valley Bank Business Visa® Debit Card offers you a convenient and secure way to manage business and travel expenses.


Use your GVB Business Visa® Debit Card to make everyday purchases in stores, online or over the phone. Your card is accepted for payment at millions of merchant locations worldwide.


Enjoy access to withdrawal funds from over 32,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide through our partnership with MoneyPass®.

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With Visa® chip technology, you can be confident in the purchases you make. Count on built-in fraud protection with Visa's® Zero Liability Policy, making your debit card faster and safer than cash.


Stay on top of your finances the easy way. Use Online and Mobile Banking to track purchases, transfer money, pay bills and more. 



With a Visa® Debit Card, you can make purchases and withdraw cash while traveling internationally:

  • Before you travel, please contact us when and where you’re traveling, as well as the cards you’ll be taking with you.
  • Per Visa® Regulation:
    • The International Service Assessment (ISA) Fee Applies to:
      • Purchase or cash disbursement original transactions, including their corresponding reversal transactions
    • The ISA Fee is not assessed on:
      • Credit vouchers
      • Chargeback, Representments or Second Chargeback transactions
      • Transactions originating at US Bases where the Country Code is designated as U.S.
  • Issuer International Service Assessment (ISA)
    • Effective April 1, 2005, ISA fee of 1% of transaction amount is assessed to the Issuer on International clearing transactions where Visa performs currency conversion.
    • Effective April 1, 2008, ISA fee of 0.8% of transaction amount is assessed to the Issuer on single currency International clearing transactions.

Chip Technology

A chip adds another layer of security to cards when used at a chip card reader. During the chip transaction, the chip produces a single-use code to validate the transaction, further protecting cards from unauthorized use.

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Visit our Education Center for more information on:

  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Chip Cards
  • Online Banking
  • And more!

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Zero Liability protection does not apply to ATM transactions or to PIN transactions not processed by VISA®. You must notify us promptly of any unauthorized use. Please see Visa's® Zero Liability Policy


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